I promised to continue my blog about practice perception – which I will publish next week. In the meantime, I stumbled across this Blog post from a Mom whose child has Juvenile Ideopathic Arthritis and a story about her trip to the dentist. At first I was interested in this because my youngest daughter also has JIA but I discovered this story is also about a dentist who was given the chance to redeem himself. The take home message for me was; always listen, practice humility and you will do the right thing.

JIA Mom's Blog

When your child has arthritis – most doctors’ appointments are more than routine. It’s
usually more than a “regular check-up”. Often, they involve an extra trip to
the lab for a blood draw, or a swing by for some x-rays. Or there may be some
special eye exams, or heart tests. You come armed with notebooks and photos
documenting symptoms, and print-outs from the internet about treatment options.
When things are going well, and arthritis is quiet – appointments are still a
joint by joint exercise in holding your breath and praying that things are
still good. When things are going bad… well, appointments can take a lot out of
you. It’s a little mini-battle in the war on arthritis – whether you are seeing
the rheumatologist, the cardiologist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist,
pediatrician etc etc.

The dentist however – I always thought would be a pass. A gimme of normal

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